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about us

What can be said about us? Well, we are Teresa and Steve Boast. Sometimes called the Boasties, the Boast and the Boastess, Boasties inc, but mostly “Who”?

Teresa is a professional artist, and has been ever since she saw the light and gave up her real job.

She attended Harrogate Art College where she was taught everything apart from how to paint. If ever there is a job going which requires an in-depth knowledge of how to throw a piano out of a second floor window, she is your girl.

We spent the seventies wandering about the world perfecting a tan and learning how to survive on little or no money.

Unfortunately, having no money became a problem and we had to conform and get jobs.

About ten years ago we left all that behind and became gallery owners selling herself’s paintings. This had to stop because we couldn’t keep up with demand and sit around chatting in Pateley Bridge at the same time.

So here we are. A virtual gallery selling the occasional original piece of art, but mostly prints, cards and coasters of Teresa’s work.

Oh, and by the way, I’m Steve. I make the tea.